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Cultural Exchange USA

Connecting global leaders, creating lasting impact.
Intern Train

Immerse yourself in American life, culture, and society, while pursuing professional goals and forging new networks. As your sponsor, AHA will assist you every step of the way.

Work and Travel
Host Employers

AHA will be your sponsor for an unforgettable cultural experience as you spend your university break discovering what it’s like to live, work and travel in the USA.

Enrich and empower the future, one person at a time. International participants bring profound globalization to your team while creating a dynamic and professional environment.


An Experience of a Lifetime!

For over 25 years, AHA has been connecting tomorrow’s hospitality leaders from around the world with life-changing, cultural exchange opportunities. We are passionate about making the world a smaller place through education, integrity and cultural understanding.
Image by David Ford

Empowering Global Knowledge, Skill, and Friendship

Imagine being immersed into a new culture, gaining valuable experience, growing personally and professionally
while building international friendships. Our dedicated team is ready to help you find your ultimate
U.S. intern, train, work experience.
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